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Thank you sooooooo very much for our precious babies! Uschi and Kumo are a wonderful addition to our home. They were certainly worth the wait. “Creatively Clever” are definitely the words I’d use to describe them. They happily use the grass wee training mats, they are quickly learning the doggie door and small steps up to our sofa. They are learning to play well with each other and becoming fast friends. They only called out briefly the first night and then snuggled in their beds to sleep as only contented babies can do. I jealously guarded them this first week and possessively kept them to myself despite everyone wanting to come and play with them. I’ve posted a zillion pictures and videos for everyone to see to temporarily appease them. They have a huge 
fan club already. Soon, I’ll let friends and family meet them after they’ve become settled and feel secure in their new home. Uschi is our cute & comical trickster baby girl. She coyly poses for photos trying not to look like the little imp she can be. Kumo is definitely the prince of poms! He prances and postures as if he has already been given first place in the show ring. Together they are an unbeatable duo and have enriched our lives and touched our hearts.

I’m very delighted that I found you as our breeder because the results speak for themselves. We couldn’t be happier with them! We are proud to pass on your information to everyone who is interested in gorgeous poms.

We are forever grateful and proud owners.

~Thomas & Valerie Orlando
~Pomeranians leave little paw prints across our hearts~ 


Here is Katie at 14 weeks. She weighs in at 2 lb. 0 oz. now. She is the most precious little girl and is everything (and more) I asked for! She is quick to learn and has been perfect from the very first night at home. Her sweet personality makes her so easy to love.

I have had her home five weeks and she is already potty trained and has been for about 2 weeks now! She goes to the door and whines whenever she needs to potty. She was so easy to train! No one can believe she trained in just 3 weeks.

We took her to my sister’s house for New Years Eve, which was her first time to visit anyone, and she was perfect all evening. 

Everyone who comes to our house is amazed at how well behaved she is . . . most of them are not dog lovers, so this is quite a compliment.

Thank you for the care you take in breeding your puppies to be the sweet little darlings they are! When I called you and told you exactly what I was looking for in a puppy and that I was willing to wait to get exactly what I wanted, I didn’t realize you would have a puppy with every one of the qualities I asked for and more. Katie is such a joy. She loves to play with her toys and her favorites are the ones that are bigger than she is.

I am so appreciative of you for allowing me to visit Katie every week or so before she was ready to come home with me. Jim and I and my sister and niece loved visiting her, and you were always so gracious to me whenever I would ask to come. I consider you a friend and know that I can call you anytime I have a question or concern. Katie’s vet says you are an exceptional breeder and, of course, I tell her that she is absolutely correct. By the way, I gave her one of your business cards.

I will send you more pictures later and maybe Katie and I will come and visit you one of these days. Thanks again for my precious baby girl! YOU ARE THE BEST!

~Barbara Clements
Arlington, Texas


We are LOVING Sassy!! She is just simply amazing!!!! She has taken to our house so well and is getting alone with our male Pomeranian (Furby) amazingly!!!

I will tell you, she simply has a temperament like NO OTHER Pom I have ever met!!!!! She is so calm, loving and overall incredible companion!!! When people have come to our house, they fall instantly in love with her amazing colors and then they interact with her and want to then take her home!! (I fear I will defiantly watch out for her, so many want HER). Thank you so much for breeding such an amazing family member for us, you are without a doubt an amazing person who puts great pride in the puppies you produce and place with homes.

I will continue to send more pictures, this is of her sleeping in my daughters mini futon chair...which she absolutely LOVES!! 

~ Lorene Dillard

Pomeranian Debbie,
Matt and I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to buy our precious boy, Murphy! He has been the joy you said he would be and more. In two days he has completely stolen our hearts! We just wanted to tell you thank you (and brag on him a bit!) he has slept without even a whimper for two nights straight- the whole night! And used the potty in his designated area numerous times. You did an amazing job training him up so far and we hope we can do just as well! Thank you again!!! 





Pomeranian Hi Debbie,
Here are a few photos of JP (John Paul Jones). He is very happy with his new home and gets along well with his big sister Sophie. He steals her treats & raw hide from her, but she doesn't seem to mind. He has been eating very well, he sleeps through the night and has had only one accident in the house and a couple of close calls. Everyone that has seen a picture
of him is in love with him.

Thank you for breeding such a handsome, bundle of joy.
~B. Faye Jones






I just wanted to update you on George -- he's doing wonderful and we are having so much fun and just adore our new baby dog! As you can see in the photos -- he is just a doll and we've had so much fun spoiling him! Thank you so much for letting us have him! I'm so thankful that we found you.

~Sally - George's mom!




Hi Debbie, 
This is Amy, I adopted Eva last winter. I just wanted you to know what a beautiful sweet dog she's becoming! Everyone that she meets is always saying such nice things about her. She's becoming such a good ambassador for her breed (and you!) People are always surprised that a Pom is so calm and well mannered. She is extremely popular at our local petsmart where she runs up to everyone she sees for pets and kisses. I just wanted to share with you how happy I continue to be with my youngest "furbaby", Eva The Diva. Thank you again and happy holidays to you and your family!


Hi Debbie! I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new addition. "Chippers" has been a joy! He has a great appetite and hasn't had any adjustment issues at all. He didn't even cry the first night, though once he knows someone is up he lets them know he wants to get up too! The best part is that he has completely charmed my husband, to the point where we will be looking to add another pom soon. So keep us posted if a sweet little sister comes along!

Thank you again for our boy!
~Susan Beaty

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you! Emmett is the best dog ever! (Course it helps he is my first ever) But everyone is so impressed by him! Friends want tips on how to potty train, and stop their dog from barking and how to get their dog to go to sleep quietly every night and I feel as though I can't take any credit! I think a lot of what makes him so good is from his great breeding! His personality is really starting to shine through and he is SO a momma's boy, can't be away from me even when I go to the bathroom he sits outside and whines! But when I leave him to go to school or go out he just knows I'll be home shortly. He is such a great guard dog too! Anytime someone knocks on the door he barks to let me know and then sits to wait and see who it is. We just started going for walks and he is obsessed! He looks just like a professional, keeps right alongside me tongue hanging out smiling, and he never pulls on the leash. I've started socializing him; my best friend has a lab chow mix and a pomeranian papillon mix and we go over there and hang out all the time! He LOVES Bear, the lab chow mix I think he thinks he is just as big as Bear and he doesn't make a move until Bear does it is the cutest thing! Dori, the pomeranian papillon mix (who is 12 lbs so much larger than him too) they like each other pretty well but they don't get along near as well as him and Bear. I laughed because the other day while walking we ran into a neighbor with a new english bull dog that was about his size.... Emmett was scared to death! I was so confused until we ran into a lab while walking he took off and started playing with him! He's been socialized with bigger dogs and now he is scared of dogs his own size! Had his last set of shots and he weighed a whole 3.2 lbs! He is starting to get fat, his little belly is so cute! He is getting used to his daily brushings and he is just the light of my life! I don't know what I would ever do without him! You are a fabulous breeder and you have made getting and training my first dog a breeze! Thank you again SO MUCH! Every time we are out people have to stop and compliment how beautiful he is! I am so pleased with my purchase! :)



This is my little bundle of joy! He's now eight months old and weighing in at almost 3 pounds. He's smaller then the average house cat!! Thank you for making our Pom dream come true!! I can't wait to add a baby sister to the family!!!

~Letty Tejeda-Terry





PomeranianOk... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Due to your selective breeding, Bowdy oozes what a true Pomeranian should be: proud, intelligent, alert, and inquisitive. Example, although you did advise us to get the big wire kennel so that the puppy could see everything that goes on while safely confined, we chose to use a cargo kennel with the top part off thinking it was open enough for Bowdy not to feel like he was closed in... WRONG!!! The first day was ok but the second day everything changed. He figured out that we were now his pack and he was not going to have this separation thing any longer!! After the loudest fit he could throw was over I waited a minute before taking the gate off of the kennel so that he could roam freely and play with us and his toys. After some time with him out and about this smart little boy trots back to his kennel and wee-wees on the wee-wee pad then trots out like nothing! The whole family gasped as we witnessed this tiny puppy using the piddle pad like he'd been doing it for years!! Needless to say, he has earned the freedom of no gate! This photo was taken right after his mind blowing feat. 

If anyone is looking for a Pom that is breed with all the wonderful qualities that has made this breed so popular and captured our hearts, I would highly recommend a LaRose Mar's Cuties!! Thank you Debbie! recommend

~ The Terrys


Here is a picture of Georgio Armani on the left and Prada to the right, I get an audience every time I take them out. We are very blessed to have found you, our babies are so wonderful! and we wouldn't go to any other breeder but you. Thank you. Please keep me posted about our future Pom:)

~Nina Garza





Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to thank you for our sweet little puppy. He is the best Mother's Day gift ever! My family just loves him and he is the happiest, brightest, and healthiest little puppy! We named him Prince, and he is doing great; he is growing and plays with my Labrador Retriever and my cat! Everyone (including my other pets) just adore him. He has even learned to swim in my pool--he just can't stand it when the kids or my Lab are in the pool without him. He has the sweetest and spunkiest personality; we just enjoy him so much! I want to thank you for being such a responsible breeder and caring about the Pomeranian breed enough to breed the very best! The quality of his breeding and care that you put into it is reflected in his beauty and disposition. I can't thank you enough! We look forward to enjoying sharing our lives with him for the next 16 years or so. I get so many people asking me where I got him, and I always refer them to you without hesitation. You can be assured that I will recommend you as a breeder to anyone who wants a high-quality Pomeranian (or Chihuahua).

~Myka Jenson

We are very impressed with the clean facilities for Debbie's dogs and puppies. We visited Debbie's home several times with our children to pick the perfect new addition for our family. The puppies are treated like babies and given excellent care. We had to wait for our baby Pomeranian to be at least eight weeks old before adoption day and Debbie gave us complete instructions on how to care for such a little puppy. Debbie was also accurate on the approximate size and final color that she thought our puppy was going to be as well as responsive to our e-mails and answered our many questions quickly. We had a wonderful experience and we will use her again when we decide to get a companion for our puppy.

~The Gore Family 

Mrs. Debbie is very loving and she is able to take care of a lot of fun loving puppies. I love my new puppy.

~Garrett - 10 years old

Thank you so much for everything. It has truly been a joy to work with you as a breeder. We have never had a dog in our family and my daughters have wanted one for a very long time. My sister has two Pomeranian's and recommended the breed. Not knowing where to go we searched the internet for over a year before we found you and the “perfect” Pom Pom. When we came to see you and meet our new baby Lily she was very shy and did not want to play much like the other baby Poms. I was a little worried but my daughter insisted that she was the one for her since she and Lily shared a birthday . You assured me that she was a little "faker" and acted like that when ever anyone came to see her but that it was not her true personality. We took her home and within a couple of hours you were exactly right. Her personality changed and she was bouncing around and playing like a true Pomeranian puppy. We were very impressed in the fact that you knew her so well. She has been very healthy in the nine months that we have had her and has brought true joy to our family. She is amazingly intelligent and looks a great deal like her daddy, Chip. My other daughter was looking for a specific color of Pomeranian and you were kind enough to recommend a friend's kennel since you knew one had just been born. Not many breeders would have done this and it shows that you care about the families that you work with and know the joy that the puppies bring to them. When it was time for our third Pomeranian for me, (they are addictive you know) I immediately thought of you since you had been so wonderful to us in the past. You allowed us to visit the babies and as hard as it was for us to choose our final addition to our family we chose Berry who also looks a great deal like his daddy, DeeJay. Since we have brought him home he has been very healthy and has more energy than I every thought possible. He is only a little over a pound right now but chases our girl babies who are 3.5 and 4 pounds and much bigger than he is around the living room like he owns the place. They love it!

You are a wonderful and kind person and a great breeder for color, size, temperment and health. Our family would highly recommend you and your wonderful puppies to anyone looking for a sweet baby to add to their family.

~Patricia Perkins, Coppell, Texas

I would like to commend Debbie Schrenk for the way she takes care of her puppies and dogs and her clients! We had the opportunity to get to know Debbie when we would go visit our puppies until they came home with us and she welcomed us just like family. I can call her with questions and she is always so sweet. And let me tell you about Bevo and Bella our two Pomeranians we got from her…they are absolutely adorable and so sweet. We would never buy another Pomeranian from anyone else! My mother even decided to get a Chihuahua from her after coming to see her place and little Chloe is a doll! She is the best dog mom has ever had. When you get a puppy or dog from Debbie you are not only getting a wonderful little companion but a kind friend in Debbie! 

~Rachael Smithey

I got my cutie from Debbie Schrenk, I was very impressed with her operation, well organized and very clean, was up front with me about my cutie, in regards to her health and care. What to watch for and how to take care of it. Have told lots of people about her. When I get ready for another cutie, will go to her. My cutie is female, 3 lbs 2 oz, name Button, as in cute as a Button, she is 10 1/2 months old and the love of my life and she has more cloths then I do, loves to wear them. Of course I think she is the smartest thing, she thinks she is as big as Lab.

~Carol Torti

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